Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Joyce can't believe Brandi thinks she's jealous or that Yolanda could behave the way she does.

on Dec 23, 2013

As we arrived at Yolanda and David's home I expected a great night, and I was convinced that Brandi would not dare to provoke another scene at her friend's house. It was simply too beautiful of a setting that I didn't think anyone would be tacky enough to ruin the night.

When I met gorgeous Gigi I was talking to her about all her sensational pictures and photo shoots. As I said in the episode, Gigi is a gorgeous girl, inside and out. she is sweet and gentle. It was upsetting to see Brandi, yet again, trying to talk s---. Telling Gigi that I was jealous of her. And hearing her say that I am always jealous of anyone younger in the room is almost comedic -- she must be trying to reflect herself in me. I am not a jealous girl. To the contrary I love to empower young girls! That's why I created a pageant for stunningly beautiful girls to have a great platform. And many times when you come to my house I have up to 50 stunning girls (much younger than myself) at my house preparing them for the Queen of the Universe Pageant.

When Yolanda at the dinner table flat out proclaims that she has the "The Dream Team" was disheartening. Seriously? Weren't you the same person who is preaching and spreading your wisdom that we are too old for teams and that you are not in high school? This is the behavior of a mean sorority girl. Let me teach you something about being a good host: no matter how beautiful your house and your table is set, if you invite your guest with the clear intention to make them feel second tier, this is classless and it is tasteless. Dream team? They are a NIGHTMARE TEAM! Thank God my husband tried to fix the situation and painted all of us non-dream-teamers a heart himself.