Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Joyce can't believe Brandi thinks she's jealous or that Yolanda could behave the way she does.

on Dec 23, 2013

David was very sweet and tried to bring the groups and conversations at the table back together. He asked me to make a toast in Spanish and I certainly accepted the request of our gracious host. As I was making the toast Brandi interrupted me on multiple occasions. She even said "Shut the f--- up we're not in Miami" I don't understand why Brandi always feels the need to attack me. I have tried so hard to understand and even justify her behavior at certain times but I'm fed up with her being so condescending. Watching the show I am realizing even more what a big hypocrite she is.

Watching Brandi ask my husband if he's a baby or a man? At this point Brandi has met my husband once before for about two minutes at Kyle's party. And she talks to him like this? Brandi. . .he is MY baby and MY man. And he is strong enough and successful enough that he loves my nickname and knows it comes from a place of great love. Stop being so jealous! Stop being so negative and maybe then you could find your own baby or whatever you prefer to call him. Focus on being happy. After all; Who wants to be around someone who is constantly judgmental, mean and drunk?

Lisa and I are in a much better place but just FYI. . . the attacks from Brandi were not funny.

On a brighter note. . .I did enjoy the fantastic tenors. My husband is a great opera lover and we had a great conversation with them afterwards. They are truly talented and were the highlight of the night.

My husband is very protective of me and as you could see he's learning to know Brandi and was getting pissed off with her stupid comments. I DO believe she needs an intervention but obviously it's not my job and I won't make it my charity. Her "Dream Team" should demonstrate to be true friends and act.

As you could see. . .Next week I finally have enough of her aggression and abuse and I won't take it anymore. Please keep watching and commenting.