Kim Richards

But Kim knows she would take it back if she could, and she clears up that vibrator thing (it was a gift!).

on Dec 11, 2013

Here we are. . .another week to be grateful for! It's fun to see how everyone prepared for the trip to Palm Springs! For me, of course, it was more fun to hang out with my girl! Kimberly, as you know, was getting ready to leave for college so I picked a fun travel shop that would have fun stuff for my trip as well as for her departure! Oh my gosh! As you can see we always have fun together. Where ever we go, whatever we do, we have a good time. Where on earth would she have learned about what a vibrator was!?! Well she sure told me, didn't she? My drawer? It was a gift. I've never even used it! Thankfully, we found some cute things aside from the vibrating toothbrushes!

It was nice to see Joyce getting ready in her beautiful closet. I know how excited she was for this trip. She's such a girly girl!

Seeing Kyle and Carlton. . .that looked rough! When my sister walked in to store and the lady told how great her butt looked she looked so embarrassed. (It did look good though.) However, she didn't want her to point it out. I know she and Carlton have their differences, but at this point looks to me Kyle was unaware of this! I have no problem and even like Carlton, but I feel like her comments and faces behind my sisters back were not needed.

So time to go. . . yes I brought some luggage and even my juicer! Where ever I go I want to feel at home. That means I need all of my belongings. I feel today it's part of what keeps me feeling good and healthy! Kyle, Joyce, and I had fun the whole way down. We were laughing and goofing off. Getting ready for a girls' weekend! When we arrived the house was so beautiful! I just love the peacefulness of the desert! The way the house was built into the rocks was so cool.

Once we got settled in our rooms we headed straight to the pool. Right off the bat it just didn't feel right, and there was a lot of tension. The push for Joyce to take her sundress off! Look, in my opinion Joyce invited us all down to have a good time and to do whatever we wanted in a beautiful home. She had a chef to prepare nice dinners and planned activities, but the rest should be up to us. If you want to swim, then swim. If you want to take a walk, then take a walk. There should be no rules except to just come have a good time. I have hosted many trips in my life and just because it is my trip, doesn't mean I have to babysit. For instance, when I took my friends to Hawaii once, some people wanted to lie out while others wanted to shop or go marlin fishing. You can't be with everyone at the same time. I thought it was a little ridiculous for Yolanda to tell Joyce how to handle herself. I mean grow up!