Kim Richards

Kim explains why she jumped into the conversation with Ken and Lisa -- and what Ken questioning her sobriety means.

on Feb 24

Ken was not happy about this and once again I was dismissed -- something he and Lisa do so well! It set me off and
things escalated even more. I was very frustrated, but I do admit that is
no excuse for my name calling. My mother always said, "Two wrongs don't
make a right," and I have always tried to remember that.

One thing I
have learned in sobriety is to make amends. I have no problem
admitting when I am wrong, and I regret the name calling which I
apologize for.

Then when Ken accused me of drinking it really showed his
true colors. The funny thing is just the day before Ken and Lisa had
told me how together I was and that I was on target in every way. Then
when he got mad I felt him try to discredit me and it definitely hurt.
Even though we had words I still care for them.

Puerto Rico is not over. . .and everybody's feelings are frazzled!

Until next week. . .Be safe!

XO Kim