Kyle Richards

Kyle discusses Carlton's hypocritical ways and wonders just why as Jewish Star would be considered offensive.

on Jan 27

When we were leaving and Carlton commented that she liked my necklace , I took it off and gave it to her as a friendly gesture. She thanked me and said "No, really. Thank you. It's not just a gift. it's more than that." I thought that was very sweet thanked her for inviting us and left.

In the next scenes at Yolanda's painting party, she goes after me again! This time telling the girls that she had a dream and now thinks I've been talking bad about her. Then asks them if I have been and ALL three girls tell her that I have not!

I'm not a psychologist, but it seems like she is projecting if you ask me. I am grateful Joyce told her flat out that I have not been speaking against her and also pointed out in her interview that it's all in her mind. Carlton then goes onto say: "Who makes fun of someone's religion?" I NEVER made fun of her religion. I would not make fun of ANY religion. I converted from Catholicism to Judaism. Who am I to judge? I have friends of all religions and respect each of their beliefs.

On the bright side, I LOVE Yolanda's idea of painting with friends and then making a special wall with all the paintings. I even copied Yolanda's idea and had my kids and friends sit around and do that. I never hung them because for some reason none of them looked like Yolanda's wall. Portia could have done better than all of us. Haha.

It was fun for me to watch Kim at the autograph signing. I had to rewind and watch Kim with Jimmy McNichol 3 times! I have teased her FOREVER about that. It has been a running joke for years. Now he knows about it! Haha.