Kyle Richards

But Kyle is less pleased with Lisa for bringing up the tabloid gossip about Mauricio's infidelity once again.

on Dec 3, 2013

This week I bring Joyce to Carina for one of my crazy facials. I have been going to Carina for years. I know it looks scary, but it is totally painless and leaves your skin looking fresh and taut. It never fails to make newcomers laugh though. Joyce and I have fun together and always laugh.

I know how excited and proud Kim is of Kimberly. Kimberly is an exceptional girl and has made our entire family proud. I know her graduating and going off to college is bittersweet for Kim. As mothers, we don't want them to leave us and their home, however it is a huge accomplishment on both daughter and Mother's parts. Kim is an amazing mom and I am so proud of her and Kimberly.

Next week is going to get a little crazy as Joyce invites all the girls away for a little R&R. . . Haha. Like that's gonna happen! Until then. . .

XO, Kyle