Kyle Richards

Kyle shares how she was felt going into Cirque school and why she didn't speak out against the Brandi "bully" story.

on Nov 26, 2013

This week Mauricio and I have dinner with Joyce and Michael. We really like them both and have fun together. Michael and Mauricio are both golf fanatics so they instantly had that in common.

Hearing "news" about my family on TV or on the Internet is not new to me. Often, I will see or hear things and have to call my family and say "What is going on? is this true!?!" Most of the time I know right away that it's another BS story.

However, this is the first time I have been in this position personally. I too have been guilty at times of thinking that there had to be some sort of truth behind these stories. I think it was reading about Jennifer Aniston that made me realize that a lot of these stories are literally invented. How many times have we read about and even SEEN pictures of Jennifer Aniston's "baby bump"? She has to be on her 14th child by now!

When I walked into the circus school, the last thing I wanted to do was be around most of the women to be honest. I was still upset from lunch at Carlton's, and did not feel like "bonding" with them. But my sister made this plan, and she had good intentions. I was happy when I saw Kim, Joyce, and actually Carlton, too. I was still completely unaware that Carlton disliked me so much -- and she was being pretty nice to my face.

When we first sat down, Kim was explaining why she invited everyone and why it was important to her. From the minute I walked in, I could feel the negative energy coming from the other sofa. So when Yolanda cut Kim off and was basically saying "Enough already. Let's get stared," I felt defensive. I felt like she was being disrespectful, considering Kim invited everyone and was excited to share this day.

We all moved on from that, but there was a very strange vibe in the room. Kim had pulled me aside and told me that Brandi thought I had called her a bully. UGH. WHY am I all of a sudden on the defensive when I hadn't done anything?!? Beyond frustrating. Here I didn't even want to be there to begin with because of the way the women acted at Carlton's, and now Brandi is pissed off at ME? I decided to go up and say something because it was either that or leave. I didn't want to do that to Kim since she had been talking about this day for a while.