Kyle Richards

Kyle shares how she was felt going into Cirque school and why she didn't speak out against the Brandi "bully" story.

on Nov 26, 2013

After the lunch at Carlton's that you saw last week, a story came out on the Internet. SOMEONE leaked what happened that day and talked about what Brandi, Yolanda, and Lisa had said and how upset I was. Most of the information was incorrect, as usual, but they were right about me being upset. The word bully was never mentioned in the article but that was the paparazzi's (that Brandi ran into) interpretation of it.

Later things got more awkward when we all went for lunch after. The bully comment came up again. Again, I am having defend myself against something I didn't do. There clearly is not a lot of trust right now on ANYONE'S part.

Brandi and Lisa were clearly upset about the article and I was as well! The LAST thing I wanted to do was draw MORE attention to the lies in the tabloids, which is EXACTLY why I was so upset after leaving Carlton's lunch.

When Lisa suggested I tweet something in defense of them I really was shocked. When the tabloids first came out Mauricio and I hired a lawyer to sue. We soon learned that it was not that simple. We were also advised to not give it any attention. That is what the magazines want.