Kyle Richards

Kyle resents being lumped into Lisa and Brandi's drama, discusses her sister's issues with Lisa, and is done with Carlton.

on Mar 24

It seems Kim and Lisa have both been harboring feelings in regarding one another. I think Kim has kept a lot in regarding Lisa, and she is finally speaking up.

Kim has always felt dismissed by Lisa and was made to feel like she wasn't important enough. When Kim addressed Lisa regarding not going to Kimberly's graduation, she denied being in town. She even went as far as to say that our hairdresser, who saw her at SUR, was hallucinating. If she had just said "I came back early and was exhausted and had to go to SUR," or even "I'm sorry, I just wasn't in the mood to go," then it would have been over.

While I do think Kim took it as being dismissed again, it was made worse by Lisa not being honest about it. In one breath she tells Kim "your hairdresser is hallucinating." Then the next minute she admits to Brandi,  "I've just been busted by Kim." It's moments like these that cause lack of trust.

It was very emotional for all of us watching Kim and Yolanda take their kids off to college. It seems through all of the fighting and disagreements, it's good to know that there is a mutual bond between us: motherhood. Alexia will be leaving this August for college, and the thought of dropping her off leaves a lump in my throat. I dread not waking up to her smile everyday.

Our season is almost done and I am looking forward to moving on from all of this.

Until next week. . .