Kyle Richards

Kyle explains why she killed the bee, what she thought of Carlton's reaction, and her thoughts on Lisa's faint.

on Nov 11, 2013

Seeing Yolanda sick like that really makes one appreciate their health. You can see how weak she feels and hard that must be for a strong woman like Yolanda. Without the support and love of family it would be be so much more difficult to go through that. She is fortunate to have such strong support system.

When Brandi was moving into her house and said she needed her mommy, I could SO relate! I always say that. Unfortunately, I don't have mine anymore but still always feel that. Brandi is so lucky to still have her mom and they seem to have a loving, fun relationship.

Lisa and I are still just recently speaking at this point. I decided to go to Dancing With The Stars with the girls to show some support. I was happy Taylor came, as I have missed her a lot. We all had fun and It was nice to have a happy evening with everyone.

I invited Joyce, Carlton, and my close friend Sharon over for lunch. I was particularly overwhelmed this day as I was trying to get my house cleaned (I do have a housekeeper, but she was off that day), get lunch ready for the girls, and keep my kids entertained upstairs. I was frazzled and I think it showed.

In watching the part where Carlton was talking about the cat and the bird and I cut her off , I can see where she felt offended. I was listening to her story and then realized "Oh, no! I forgot to offer them a drink. What a bad hostess!" I had too many things on my mind at the moment. I honestly didn't realize I had done that. My bad. I had to laugh though at Carlton saying she didn't care how bored I was that  it was "bloody rude" and then practically snoring through Joyce's story of how she met her husband and saying in her interview that she wondered "when this story was going to end." Carlton seems to have a different set of rules for herself.