Kyle Richards

Kyle on why she tried to mend things with Lisa and why it hurt when she brought up "the elephant in the room."

on Nov 4, 2013

Season 4! I can't believe it. This season proves to be rockier than ever.

I loved watching Yolanda's beautiful daughter Gigi modeling. Such a beauty -- and sweet on top of it. Of course, her mother and I have some issues to work out. I had not spoken with Yolanda since last year's Reunion. I will say though, she seems to be a great mom and very proud of her children.

I am happy to see Brandi's success. Brandi and I have always clashed, made up, and clashed again. . .I think that is mainly because we didn't really know each other nor did we make the effort to do so. Things change a lot this season and the dynamics among the group change drastically.

Lisa had always wanted to do Dancing With the Stars, so I am sure she was excited. At this point, we had not spoken since the Reunion last year. The accusations hurled at Mauricio were so offensive and calculated that there really wasn't anything to say. I said how I felt at the reunion and left it at that.

I had made many efforts to repair the relationship with Lisa, but at this point it really was so damaged. However, I don't like having any bad feelings between friends or former friends -- which is why I make another effort to "patch" things.

Watching my sister Kim and her dog Kingsley made me laugh! Too cute. My sister is such an incredible mom. Having her kids grow and leave home (although Chad is still at home) has to be SO difficult. I DREAD that day. A dog like Kingsley really does fill a void.