Kyle Richards

Kyle on why she tried to mend things with Lisa and why it hurt when she brought up "the elephant in the room."

on Nov 4, 2013

The party was . . .well, interesting. Not exactly the White Party. But, contrary to Lisa's beliefs, I actually am a business woman now. I am a mom and wife first but I opened this store and I want it to be a success. Mauricio and The Agency, as well as my friends Tiffany and Andy who own Fatburger are members and told me it is really good for business. I am learning the ropes and am having a lot of fun with it. I love fashion and I love meeting all the people that come into the store and helping them put together looks. The staff and I have a lot of fun together! I absolutely adore them!

I was surprised at how close Lisa and Scheena are. I can't imagine that is easy for Brandi to see considering the history and her own close friendship with Lisa.

This was also the first time I met Carlton and Joyce. Both of whom I liked right away. As well as their husbands.

In Carlton's interview she said she was shocked to hear me mention "Lisa's nipple". . .That three-quarters of of a nipple joke actually CAME from Lisa. One of the tabloids had said she had done pornos and she kept joking and saying "oh, please! it was three-quarters of a nipple! " And based on things that you will be seeing this season, I find it hard to believe that Carlton could be offended by a nipple comment.

Hold on for a bumpy ride! Season 4 is here!