Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa didn't agree with Brandi's choice of words at Carlton's luncheon.

on Nov 18, 2013

I arrive and immediately sensed something amiss. The only hope I voice is that Brandi, to whom I have been incredibly supportive, would stand in my corner. But when I view the footage, I realize that was not so.

Carlton's house is a little different -- an unusual mélange of gothic architecture coupled with obscure design statements. It's a beautiful but rather different, shall we say, but I admire the courage and conviction in how she lives her life. I have embraced and accepted her eccentricities and beliefs. It's not something I particularly relate to, but I am positive she is a good-hearted soul.

At the lunch Brandi calls Carlton a nice c---. Sorry, unacceptable! We might be friends, but that stank of her feeling the necessity to be controversial, which is getting a little old.