Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa doesn't know why her defense of Kyle's marriage isn't enough or why Brandi shared her makeout with the world.

on Dec 2, 2013

Here we are again. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. . .

Absolutely adored the segment in Hollywood this week. The joyous moment of witnessing David being recognized for his talent and commitment to the music industry. I was thrilled to be included and felt a sense of pride just witnessing it.

We then settle into a scene with Kyle talking to Mauricio about the tabloid stories that seem to dominate each week. But I suppose this is our reality. That's what we signed up for. It was front and center of a major magazine and to think that in the midst of the show, when a story reared it's ugly head that it wouldn't be discussed is ridiculous. In fact in the kitchen it was Kyle who initiated the tabloid conversation about her supposed pregnancy, which you keep seeing. I remember before I joked with Kyle I said. . ."Ugh its all ridiculous nonsense." Now she felt the need to discuss my lack of support?

After seeing their subsequent conversation I am glad I am alleviated from the responsibility of having to defend them. . .Fake support who says that?

Who does know what transpires in somebody's marriage? However I am adamant that what is printed in the tabloids is not to be relied on. Much has little merit. I have the sentiment that if Kyle doesn't believe it and he denies it, then that's good enough for me. Who cares what a tabloid says?