Lisa Brushes Off the Negativity

Lisa explains why she didn't entertain Joyce's drama, even if there might have been truth to some of her claims.

And here we are again. . .another week has flown by. I think the circus was a brief respite from life's chores, funny moments coupled with challenges. A bit of fun -- but not one I would repeat.

As we meet on the rooftop a conversation was based on the fact that the paparazzi had accused Brandi of being a bully, also including me in the same story. I understood her wanting Kyle to put the story to rest. We both would, but Kyle said she had bigger problems dealing with tabloids, once again giving them credence that they don't deserve. . .

Nobody ever knows for certain what happens in peoples private lives. How could we? But I am certain that for the most part the stories that are concocted are nonsense. There is a different story every week attacking one of us. I have been there myself. We can't control what they say. But if they are printing our opinion and it's untrue, tweet something to the contrary. They all follow us and it is instantly diffused.

Joyce takes me aside. I really didn't know her at all at this point and had not a clue what she was going to bring up, but what she was trying to relay to me was actually more important than I gave it credit for.

I think it is probably better if you read Joyce's blog as maybe she will probably explain it better, but in essence there had been a couple of conversations regarding me that had taken place between the Brandi, Yolanda, and Joyce. I barely knew Joyce and was mystified by her pulling me aside to explain the situation. I felt at the time she was creating a problem out of something so trivial. I dismissed her claims. Maybe I was wrong, but I had a strong allegiance to Brandi and Yolanda, and Joyce being somebody I barely knew and insinuating they were being less than loyal was a sentiment I preferred not to entertain.

I live and learn. There was an inkling at Carlton's that maybe some that I trusted to defend me were in fact doing the exact opposite. Anyhow, I chose to brush off the negativity then, and I do so now.

Ken surprising me with Rumpy Pumpy was a magical moment that I am glad to have relived. He has matured into a complete bear of a dog in the last few months and it was wonderful to share that moment.

I hope you all have an amazing week and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Love always,

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