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Lisa: I Couldn't Put a Bow on This Season

Lisa reflects her relationship with Brandi, why she should have listened to the warning about Yolanda, and this season as a whole.

Well, as we come to the final conclusion of this tumultuous season, I wonder have all the questions been answered? You have been promised and assured that the many things would come to light and the puppeteer would be exposed -- if not in the season then maybe the reunion. Well I am sorry to disappoint, the endless angry diatribe was just that, a plethora of ridiculous comments and mindless accusations.

Of course, we have all made mistakes, and that is the reason for this yearly debate -- to work them out. I am mystified as to why certain Housewives have not honored their commitments with regard to blogging. Don't they want to hear what you have to say? Of course it takes time, but it is an opportunity to explain your reasoning -- and it's your duty to to those who watch.

In the reunion, I apologized for flippant remarks, and also the fact that production had insisted on the Vanderpump Rules cast being present at certain events -- which had included Scheana. I was surprised that they actually did not edit that out.

Unfortunately when Brandi entered my world, Scheana was already part of it. She had worked for me for three years and was already cast for Vanderpump Rules before Brandi was ever a Housewife and before we knew of any connection. Maybe if the tables were turned, I would not have befriended me when I joined the the show, as obviously the chance of crossing paths with her were much higher. But when Brandi started with Housewives I was the only one who was supportive of her.

A smorgasbord of situations that we have beaten to death, like the graduation, were brought up. But I was adamant that I would not admit to something I wasn't guilty of -- the great magazine debate that proved to be the catalyst of the Puerto Rico fiasco, where I was blindsided by a scenario created to make me look "bad." No, sorry I will never do that. On the contrary, when I looked Brandi in the eye and said it never happened she capitulated, just by virtue of the fact she didn't argue the point.

I have felt the last few weeks as if I am limping home. When Ken came on the set in the Reunion, I felt suddenly bolstered and know whatever has been said in that arduous 12-hour day,I would be leaving with him, going back home with my security blanket.

To have someone who is so principally minded, so loyal, on your side is the greatest comfort of all. Brandi had that with him, too, and she knew it and she blew it. For someone to protect you against others is reassuring when you don't always make the best choices. Not many would put themselves in that position. He countless times, almost to the point of compromising his own integrity, went out on a limb for her.Thankfully he is now alleviated from that responsibility.

Would I like an apology from Mauricio for calling me a "f---ing bitch" on the beach, based purely on Kim's hearsay? I think as Ken started with an apology to Yolanda for saying she was acting stupidly, it would have been the gentlemanly thing to do.

Yes, it would it be nice for any of them to admit that the constant mimicking of my accent, mocking of my faint, or baseless accusations that were hurled at me were all rather unjust..

Or why did no one say "please, I apologize" for concocting stories of bankruptcy?

Maybe just an admission, that all the time I was on Dancing With the Stars, perhaps it was just too difficult for them to tweet support, or the same of Vanderpump Rules that followed for 17 weeks -- immediately after RHOBH. Not a word or even an acknowledgment, almost as if it didn't exist.

Everyone seemed so intent on apologies, on validating their position as if to justify their attacks. Yolanda trying to quiet Joyce and Carlton as not wanting to interrupt any onslaught coming in my direction. She was almost salivating at Kyle's aggression towards me. She herself has said many derogatory remarks about me over this season, and I maybe should have believed Kyle and Joyce when they tried to alert me that her intentions were less than good. But now coupled with her performance at the finale party I have clarity.

Always try to remember, if you are ever the recipient of somebody's constant negativity, little digs trying to put you down, as many of you have noticed this season, it says much more about that certain somebody than it does about you.

I felt the women were extremely dismissive of Joyce, who not only tried to come to my defense, but has a valid opinion and is not afraid to voice it.

Brandi seemed to slowly unravel. Look I don't want to see someone, anyone, cry, even if we stay steadfast in our resolve to detach ourselves from this complicated relationship that has been littered with accusations and lies. But to comfort them is a natural instinct, albeit at that moment, maybe not the wisest choice. But have your compassion define you and not your judgment.

And when the curtain finally drops, let there be no regrets, but leave this story with the same integrity you came into it. You the viewer have followed this complicated path and many of your words have propped me up when I needed it.

So my dears on the couch, a message for you, if any of you were my puppet, I suggest I stick my hand up your backs and start wiggling you again, as you performed so much better then. Because, I have not been enamored by what I have seen the last few weeks. Gossiping and sniping are not your greatest attributes.

Thank you for watching and I bid you all farewell, until another time, another place where the dynamic won't be quite as challenging. I thank you for your indomitable support over the last few weeks. I hope this wraps up this season. I just unfortunately. . .couldn't put a bow on it.

As always.

Love Lisa.

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