Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa reflects her relationship with Brandi, why she should have listened to the warning about Yolanda, and this season as a whole.

on Apr 1

Well, as we come to the final conclusion of this tumultuous season, I wonder have all the questions been answered? You have been promised and assured that the many things would come to light and the puppeteer would be exposed -- if not in the season then maybe the reunion. Well I am sorry to disappoint, the endless angry diatribe was just that, a plethora of ridiculous comments and mindless accusations.

Of course, we have all made mistakes, and that is the reason for this yearly debate -- to work them out. I am mystified as to why certain Housewives have not honored their commitments with regard to blogging. Don't they want to hear what you have to say? Of course it takes time, but it is an opportunity to explain your reasoning -- and it's your duty to to those who watch.

In the reunion, I apologized for flippant remarks, and also the fact that production had insisted on the Vanderpump Rules cast being present at certain events -- which had included Scheana. I was surprised that they actually did not edit that out.

Unfortunately when Brandi entered my world, Scheana was already part of it. She had worked for me for three years and was already cast for Vanderpump Rules before Brandi was ever a Housewife and before we knew of any connection. Maybe if the tables were turned, I would not have befriended me when I joined the the show, as obviously the chance of crossing paths with her were much higher. But when Brandi started with Housewives I was the only one who was supportive of her.