Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa explains that her strategy was for Brandi to stop making an ass of herself and to save Kim some of her dignity.

on Dec 16, 2013

I would take a bottle out of a customers hand if they were drinking from it in my bar and especially a friend, regardless of the situation. But also being well aware that this was a scenario that would be documented ad infinitum, a moment that would be captured for the world to see. Because that's what a friend does, they step in when you are in a situation when you might not be using the best judgement.

When we were having tea the next morning (Yolanda, Brandi, and I), I tried to honestly convey to her that I felt protective of her. All the time we had a friendship I would do the utmost to look out for her. With hindsight. . . maybe I shouldn't have bothered. It begs the question do we react at risk of jeopardizing a friendship or do we stand by and laugh knowing they will be full of regret later? I felt that weekend was a defining moment in our relationship. I couldn't put my finger on it but I felt something shift.