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Lisa on Kim's Logic, Or Lack Thereof

Lisa explains that her strategy was for Brandi to stop making an ass of herself and to save Kim some of her dignity.

Hello to you all. I value all your comments, so thank you for taking the time to write.

OK. . .So we resume the dinner party that was rapidly turning into a fiasco. Joyce had already taken some heat, and I now saw Brandi turning her attention to Kyle. Kyle was not in the frame of mind to defend herself, and I knew I had to say something with out antagonizing her.

I, through many years of owning bars and restaurants, am only too well aware that reasoning with somebody who is overly intoxicated is usually pretty redundant. However, as I sat there, I understood that laughing at her ridiculous comments was almost supporting her. So I urged her gently to cease her nonsense. "Brandi, that's enough. Stop." A gentle reprimanding tone of voice, telling her she had gone too far. The look I received across the table was far from encouraging. But nonetheless I wanted to convey to her that what she was doing was not OK.

Kyle was emotional that weekend, once again investing in another tabloid story that had reared its ugly head. This one I believed was even more ridiculous. However Kyle always gives them more credence than they deserve, almost engulfing herself in the negative emotion of it all. Ignore it and this too shall pass!

I remember preposterous stories in the same magazine about myself. I never received support from my fellow Housewives discrediting them. I didn't expect it, and, quite frankly believe that to comment on it almost perpetuates it. I have been known to refuse to speak to these particular sources on the red carpet -- and I don't believe it has helped my cause with them either.

I categorically remember Kyle and I having a conversation a couple of years earlier about this absurd allegation. It had been on the Internet. We had giggled over it. And now, after all this time, it had found its way to the trash mags. I didn't understand her overreaction to it, but wanted to comfort her. 

When I went to her bedroom my intention was to console her. When Kim started to pull off her underwear I closed the door, in attempt to preserve her dignity. I shouldn't have bothered. Suddenly this was about to deteriorate into something else. . .I left.

So after what had been a rather unpleasant dinner I was headed to our room for a brief respite. Yolanda and I were tired. I'd had my fill of the tension that had transpired and after a couple of glasses of wine, made my tea and was on my way to bed.

We were slightly worried that Brandi was possibly gaining momentum on her downward spiral and decided to check up on her. Seeing her with the bottle, I knew there was no way on earth I could stand by and watch. I grabbed it and didn't regret it for a second.

She glared at me, a look similar to the one at the table, resentful at the thought that I was chastising her and remarked that it was strategic. Yes my dear it was. It was a strategy that I have employed on numerous occasions to apprehend a friend making an even bigger ass of herself!

I would take a bottle out of a customers hand if they were drinking from it in my bar and especially a friend, regardless of the situation. But also being well aware that this was a scenario that would be documented ad infinitum, a moment that would be captured for the world to see. Because that's what a friend does, they step in when you are in a situation when you might not be using the best judgement.

When we were having tea the next morning (Yolanda, Brandi, and I), I tried to honestly convey to her that I felt protective of her. All the time we had a friendship I would do the utmost to look out for her. With hindsight. . . maybe I shouldn't have bothered. It begs the question do we react at risk of jeopardizing a friendship or do we stand by and laugh knowing they will be full of regret later? I felt that weekend was a defining moment in our relationship. I couldn't put my finger on it but I felt something shift.

Thankfully the next day we actually had a giggle and relationships improved. I pray. . .not on the weak. . .but I pray often. Still I cannot fathom the need to drop to your knees in public next to the trash, with a camera crew beside us in a public place, which always creates attention. It is a good example of why I have little understanding of Kim's logic. . .or lack thereof.

I had to leave the wonderful weekend early, as I was hosting an event for the magazine I write for. Honestly though, I hightailed it out of there -- thankful I had a prior commitment!

When I viewed the phone call about Chica, it tore at my heart. I had sent Brandi back in to her house to kiss them goodbye as she was leaving, having chastised them. She was thankful for that as it was the last time she would see Chica. It was so pertinent for me as I understood her love for her little furry friends. We never know what life holds for us..

So there we have it. Another week riddled with complications. I hope you all have a safe and productive week. I am still immersed in construction, but believing I can see light at the end of the tunnel. . .Until next week. . .

Love always Lisa.

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Lisa R.: I Am Horrified By the Way Kim Treats Kyle

Lisa R. talks about what drove her to throw the glass.

Have you ever put a bunch of ingredients in the blender, hit power on only to realize that you forgot to put the lid on, so it sprays everywhere? This is exactly how my brain feels after this episode. There has been so much going on and so much building up that finally everything has just exploded into a million pieces.

What a relief it was to see Eileen and Lisa V. arrive in Amsterdam. It was only a tiny calm before the storm, though, because sh-- hit the fan almost immediately. As I watch the show today, there are so many little details and nuances that I'd forgotten in the months since the trip.

As soon as we sat down for dinner, you can see how aggressive and extremely discontent Kim Richards was sitting among us, waiting for the slightest thing to provoke her anger. She looked at whoever was speaking with disdain, just waiting to challenge them. Yolanda was a gracious hostess, though, and tried to make the best of what appeared to be a rocky beginning to the night. I, for one, found Yolanda's suggestion that we each discuss something in our lives that has moved us deeply to be heartfelt and touching.

As I spoke of my own sister dying at age 21 of a sleeping pill and alcohol overdose when I was six years old, I really allowed myself to become vulnerable among these women. I trusted each of them to let me tell my story and perhaps allow my words to be a bonding experience, so I took the opportunity to once again apologize to Kim for overstepping a boundary of hers. Had I known that sharing a story so deeply rooted inside of me would cause Kim to lash out at Eileen, Kyle, and myself, I would have never opened my mouth and allowed us to be left open to her uncontrollable anger and spiteful words.

The insults she continued to hurl at Eileen were terribly disgusting and hurtful. To sit there and insult her physical appearance, call her a “beast,” and tell her to shut her f---ing mouth was just beyond. I mean, even to this day, all I can do is stare in wide-eyed horror and shake my head in disgust. As for Kyle, I wouldn’t presume to get in the middle of family matters, but I am horrified by the way Kim treats her. I can only hope they find a way to settle their differences because this is just so NOT OK.

I'm just glad that I didn't strangle her on the spot, mainly because I hear the food in jail sucks and orange is not my best color! 

Lisa Rinna

Again it was Yolanda who tried to bring a little dignity and class back into the conversation. Unfortunately, Kim twisted what Yolanda was trying to do into a deflection away from her own behavior and onto my husband and me. Where on earth did that come from? I am fiercely protective of my marriage and my family, and I'll be damned if I let someone as disturbed as she create false rumors about my husband. I think it's plain to see that Kim crossed the line. That was my "DO NOT F--- WITH ME" moment. You have just met my inner gangster! I'm just glad that I didn't strangle her on the spot, mainly because I hear the food in jail sucks and orange is not my best color! The crazy part is Kim has met HH once. One time. And that was the night of the poker party when she had taken one or two or 20 of Monty’s pain pills, so who knows what on earth was going through her mind when she met him or during that car ride from hell.

Look, I own the fact that I allowed myself to be provoked, and it was uncool to break a glass in the restaurant. It was not one of my finest moments, but there's only so much my inner gangster can take before she goes postal. It was all very draining, and by the time we got to our conversation the next morning, I was really over it and not looking for another fight. Besides, we were in Amsterdam for God's sake, and it was beautiful and I wasn't about to let Kim, of all people, ruin my short time there, so I stopped reminding Kim that I had, in fact, come directly to her with my concerns and just took the high road.

Chaos and anger aside, I really loved being in Amsterdam, especially with such a wonderful and generous tour guide as Yolanda. Riding bikes through her quaint village to the windmills was refreshing, cathartic, and good for the soul. The cake eating was pretty funny and then, of course, more drama ensued, which I couldn't get away from fast enough. I was in survival mode already just trying to get through the evening, let alone another five days.

More from Amsterdam next week...

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