Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa wonders what Brandi's accussation was all for and reflects on the untied front Kyle, Yolanda, and Kim presented in Puerto Rico.

on Mar 3

Carlton had been cancelled from the trip, which was a shame as she could have backed me up. The point of this conversation was mystifying. What could possibly result from it? Nobody had mentioned the tabloid all weekend when we had been in Palm Springs. We had given the stories the credence they deserved. The only result that could transpire from this assertion was a wedge between Kyle and I.

I had had enough. I have precious little spare time at the moment and had really reached my limit. You only see 43 minutes. I was there two days.

I was confronted by Yolanda and chastised with accusation of not being a supportive friend. It was outside just before I joined the table. She was accusing me of only coming to see her twice -- once, for dinner opposite her house with our husbands, and once to sit with her in her bedroom. She lives 45 minutes from BH not around the corner.

It did not really make sense to me. I had been busy on Dancing With the Stars. She was at many of our group events -- in the boxing ring, at the circus event, and I hadn't seen her as particularly frail. Although I'm sure this Lyme Disease is challenging, in fact I was quite impressed at her strength as she throttled the poor, unsuspecting teacher.

She also stated that I had let Brandi down by pulling away, but Lord knows I had tried to help her. I think as a friend you accept them for what they are and try to help them with what they can become. Of course, I had tried to slow down her drinking, especially when we were all together as a group for the world to see. And, well you know what reaction transpired from that. . .