Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa explains how this is the moment that her feelings about Brandi and Yolanda started to change.

on Dec 9, 2013

Oh dear! That is all I want to say really! Could we just leave it at that? How can I even begin to analyze or summarize this complicated web we are weaving?

We start with the degrading scene, talking about the various sexual antics these women get up to. I am not particularly interested in the two finger maneuver that will be explained in her book. After 31 years of marriage I probably have a few maneuvers of my own I could share.

It's hard to understand this constant need to shock. Her admission of indulging in cocaine, nudity, of being choked? Calling yourself a whore? What message does that send?

One must remember that what we see will forever be documented. Provocative statements. Like you, I am witnessing for the first time, as obviously we have no knowledge of what has been shot. But with all that I have seen since, being called a bully by paparazzi in front of my children would rate pretty low on the totem pole.