Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa explains how this is the moment that her feelings about Brandi and Yolanda started to change.

on Dec 9, 2013

I understood when Carlton and Kyle went shopping that Carlton wanted to clear up a few points. It was done in a logical passive way. I believe Kyle wanted to be friends with Carlton at that time, but it turns out to be a clash of personalities that never really progresses -- in fact, it probably deteriorates. I have found Carlton to be a little eccentric but a kind,sweet girl with a love for spirituality. . .

When we arrived, it was well over 100 degrees, so when we collapsed onto the tiny bed after carrying heavy luggage, it was good enough. I knew from previous experience that I would be in the cupboard. It went without saying.

When Brandi made an idiotic remark at the pool, I was incredulous and embarrassed for her. Remarks like that are irresponsible. I do know she is not a racist, but I hope she cringes when she views it and learns to have a modicum of sense and sensitivity to other people's feelings. I tried to laugh it off, knowing a remark that was so provocative was downright rude to our hostess. It's particularly poignant this week, as we lay the iconic Nelson Mandela to rest -- somebody who paved the way to eradicate ignorance like this.