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Lisa: This Is Where the Tide Turns

Lisa explains how this is the moment that her feelings about Brandi and Yolanda started to change.

Oh dear! That is all I want to say really! Could we just leave it at that? How can I even begin to analyze or summarize this complicated web we are weaving?

We start with the degrading scene, talking about the various sexual antics these women get up to. I am not particularly interested in the two finger maneuver that will be explained in her book. After 31 years of marriage I probably have a few maneuvers of my own I could share.

It's hard to understand this constant need to shock. Her admission of indulging in cocaine, nudity, of being choked? Calling yourself a whore? What message does that send?

One must remember that what we see will forever be documented. Provocative statements. Like you, I am witnessing for the first time, as obviously we have no knowledge of what has been shot. But with all that I have seen since, being called a bully by paparazzi in front of my children would rate pretty low on the totem pole.

I understood when Carlton and Kyle went shopping that Carlton wanted to clear up a few points. It was done in a logical passive way. I believe Kyle wanted to be friends with Carlton at that time, but it turns out to be a clash of personalities that never really progresses -- in fact, it probably deteriorates. I have found Carlton to be a little eccentric but a kind,sweet girl with a love for spirituality. . .

When we arrived, it was well over 100 degrees, so when we collapsed onto the tiny bed after carrying heavy luggage, it was good enough. I knew from previous experience that I would be in the cupboard. It went without saying.

When Brandi made an idiotic remark at the pool, I was incredulous and embarrassed for her. Remarks like that are irresponsible. I do know she is not a racist, but I hope she cringes when she views it and learns to have a modicum of sense and sensitivity to other people's feelings. I tried to laugh it off, knowing a remark that was so provocative was downright rude to our hostess. It's particularly poignant this week, as we lay the iconic Nelson Mandela to rest -- somebody who paved the way to eradicate ignorance like this.

When watching this segment, I didn't understand the pressure from Yolanda for Joyce to get in the pool just because it was her party. Sometimes there are personal reasons why you would choose not to and who cares?

Brandi brings up the kiss. That again was a complete violation of an intimate moment that had no need to be shared. However when we enter this public domain, take heed. You do so at your own risk!

At the dinner we see a great example of the indomitable force of Yolanda and Brandi. Brandi incessantly calling Joyce "Jacqueline." It was fine as a joke once, but over and over again was taunting her. When the subject of bullying came up it was taking it to a darker place than we needed to go. Just call her Brenda in retaliation and shut her up.

I think it was obvious that Brandi was drunk and humor was the only way to diffuse it. But at some point when Yolanda kept on at Kyle, I urged Kyle to agree to disagree as there was no solution. It was six months ago and I was sick of hearing about it, and, to be honest, still didn't want to believe that Yolanda had been speaking of me so derogatorily.

Well this is where the tide turns. The slow realization that started to dawn on me, as I witnessed the nastiness that was transpiring in this group.

I believe I was wrong in not standing up to Brandi and her drunken rants against Joyce. Most of Brandi's barbs were, quite frankly, ridiculous. I don't think Joyce for one minute needs to worry about resembling "a big fat pig!" It was a tenuous situation as I said, with Yolanda and Kyle once again disagreeing over whether she had spoken negatively behind my back -- which you can decide as the viewer as we delve deeper into the relationships.

Joyce at that point was not somebody I was particularly fond of. I felt she had endeavored to create a problem over HairGate but as I explained in an earlier blog, what she was doing was trying to enlighten me that my friends were less than loyal. . .I chose to ignore her which was ultimately my downfall. Had I listened, I would've been more prepared for what was about to ensue in the upcoming weeks. I have since apologized to her, for sitting there and not coming to her defense.

Finally, I will leave you to be the judge, to draw your own conclusions remembering we are only a quarter of the way there. . .

Much love to you all on this incredibly cold week in Los Angeles and I will see you very soon.
Love always Lisa.

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Eileen: Kim Acts Like a Dictator

Eileen is fed up with Kim picking and choosing what everyone is allowed to discuss.

I continue to feel like I’ve been given a timeout and told to sit on the “naughty” couch. Is my timeout over, yet?

I know it wasn’t right of Lisa R. to “threaten” Kim with the text she sent. However, I was there, in Amsterdam, and I witnessed the entire debacle between Kim and Lisa R. I saw how Lisa R. handled it. Basically, she didn’t. It was all brushed under the rug, and Lisa R. never got to resolve her feelings. Kim saying that everything was fine between the two of them when they left Amsterdam is just unbelievable. Nothing was fine or resolved. We all knew that. Lisa R. had deep, unresolved feelings that came out in that text. I have to say that besides texting that she would “f--- Kim up,” everything else was right on. 

When I went to console Lisa R. (and finally got to leave that couch!), the subtitles showed Brandi calling Lisa R. crazy. Considering Brandi and Kim’s actions this season, she should watch how carelessly she throws around that word.

She insinuates horrible things about Harry and now Kyle, and then says she doesn’t want it discussed on camera.

Eileen Davidson

It’s more than a little ridiculous that Kim thinks she gets to decide what we can talk about and what we can’t. She acts like a dictator, saying and doing whatever she pleases, then tells Lisa R. and Kyle to stop bringing things up. She even shushed Lisa VP. I do not understand how Kim can just drop these bombs. She insinuates horrible things about Harry and now Kyle, and then says she doesn’t want it discussed on camera. She’s very good at railroading people, and I find it extremely annoying. I know the topic of the dog bite was considered taboo by Kim, and therefore wasn’t allowed to be discussed anymore (again, why does she get to decide that?), but I don’t know of anyone, especially a young girl, who spends five days in the hospital, and has to have an IV drip for three weeks from a “little bite on a finger.” Her bone was infected! I can’t imagine if that happened to one of my boys. I guess whatever “secret” Kim has on the “real story” about the dog bite will be officially labeled NON-EXISTENT, just like the “secret” about Harry was last week.

I don’t know about you people, but I’m getting really fed up with Kim thinking she can just slander everyone and be really, truly cruel to her sister. I just hope Kyle can find some peace and resolution. She deserves it. All I’ve ever seen, in person and on the show, is her being a loving and supportive sister to Kim. Maybe Kim doesn’t watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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