Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa gives you the history on Scheana, wonders what Yolanda is really fighting for, and asks you to decide who you believe.

on Feb 24

On the beach when Kyle asked if I had put the trashy magazine in Brandi's bag, I told her the truth: No. I had arrived last at Brandi's house. I knew that there was a nonsensical story coming out, as Brandi had told me, about Mauricio in the same magazine that had stated I had a sex tape, which I also didn't buy or look at. I preferred to go on that weekend knowing I hadn't seen it or bought it, so I wouldn't have to comment on it. Carlton was there and was adamant she didn't see it either. . .

But it begs the question, why would Brandi buy it anyway? We left early in the morning.

Anyway, my advice would be to never invest in detrimental stories in some of these tabloids.
If a friend stated this had happened, they knew it to be true. That's a different thing. But this is a magazine that has to fill its pages with endless diatribe to make sales. I refuse to entertain them or even buy them.
So no I would not give them any credence whatsoever.

I had been given the message loud and clear that my reprimanding Brandi and looking out for her best interest was redundant. Her resentment at my begging her to see a doctor, knowing her hand was broken. I had defended her when her actions were indefensible. . .And then she states she is scared of me. But my sin was not calling her for a week. Correct. I was starting to pull away and maybe she felt it. I had been chastised by Yolanda and her, who were very close, and I backed off. . .But I would never have compromised my loyalty to her, as I stated when I walked into that fateful dinner.

And yes, Yolanda, I do know where my moral compass points to. Mine is due North and yours is somewhere else. My moral compass has kept my marriage, friendships, and business in good stead. I don't try to take my friends down and criticize them behind their backs, blogging nasty comments constantly which I have chosen to ignore. I have tried to take the high ground, but now the high ground seems unattainable as the journey there has been too weary. I do not see a feeble woman, who as she says in her own words is "every day fighting for her life." I see a woman fighting for something -- but not that.