Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 6:'s Producer explains what RHOBH antics forced her to rewind an inhuman amount of times.

on Dec 9, 2013

Hello Spring Breakers. Have we ever had an episode with more to cover? Truly, this is one for the Beverly Hills record books. Do you remember that besides that mind-blowing Brandi comment (comments, really), this is the episode when Kim Richards' daughter confronted her about vibrators? When Brandi mentioned that she liked to be choked in bed? Those things also happened -- besides the much bigger, noisier, pig-related name-calling.

And so, I couldn't even fathom how to recap this except with a good old-fashioned list of things I had to rewind and watch again. My pause button barely exists after this week; its parallel lines are almost worn away. Here's what nearly eroded them.

1. Brandi saying "Welcome to my vagina" to start the sexual conversation with her ladies. I just imagined one of those signs you see when crossing between states and could barely go on.

2. Watching Brandi and her gals debate whether someone getting choked is a fetish. Is the line of becoming a fetish losing consciousness? Is the line nine states away with people who don't discuss sexual positions over mimosas?

3. Kim Richard's spirtiaual feelings about Palm Springs, summed up via a yoga-worthy "Om."

4. Kim and Kimberly debating the unadvertised uses of electric toothbrushes.

5. Kim and Kimberly throwing a suitcase back and forth to test it's lightness. Surely, this is also how it's done at the factory.

6. The precious pup perched on the precarious ledge in the shop Kyle and Carlton attempted to make ammends in. Can someone get that dog down?!? I'm worried about him.

7. The self esteem booster that was the woman waiting on Kyle. I would shop at her store exclusively if I was getting positive feedback like that.