Yolanda H. Foster

Yolanda laments Lisa's inability to address the situation, and asserts that she's not jealous of anything of Lisa's, minus her health.

on Mar 10

Helloooooo Bravo lovers! As we have come to the end of our journey, I would like to thank you for the support of our show. I hope you will continue to tune in to see the reunion where we all get to share our thoughts and feelings in the hope to get some resolutions in order to move on.

I always welcome your thoughts, feelings, and feedback because I appreciate that you care about the show enough to actively engage with the cast about it. I realize, too, that your view of the show is informed by only seeing the finished episodes. This means that you don't see or even know about events that aren't shown, let alone all of the exchanges and interactions that take place beyond when we are around each other. I'm not complaining; we all know that it's is necessary in making a show. But naturally, it can be difficult for you to understand, and for me to explain the complete context and story of what has happened. This is especially true now.

I've always enjoyed this blog because I see it as a chance to share my perception of the journey I've taken with these women. Criticism -- from the other women or from the audience -- isn't necessarily fun to take, but I always take note, see it in an objective way and respect everyone’s opinion. Nobody likes to be judged, including me, but I am the first to say that I am far from perfect. In certain situations I might not look great. But signing up to do this means making myself vulnerable, showing myself at something less than my best sometimes, and not being in control of the story that's ultimately told.

I can sleep fine at night knowing that even though my honesty might not translate very diplomatically, the words I speak have good intent and I live my life with great integrity.

So, again: I might not like (or agree with) some of the harsh words of the other women on the show, or the pointed feedback from the audience, but I respect the right for others to express their opinions about me and my behavior.

All of this -- the hope for an open dialogue -- helps explain somewhat the core of the group’s frustration with Lisa. I care about Lisa, and I want the best for her. But by not letting me even have a conversation with her about some of my disappointment with her for not being the friend that I thought she would be, and by not listening to others who had their own issues to discuss with her, she turned an opportunity for friendship to grow and thrive into a much bigger issue.