Yolanda H. Foster

Yolanda celebrates her unconventional family and that the women managed to keep drama to a minimum at Gigi's party.

on Feb 18

Hello Bravo Lovers! I hope you had a great long weekend and thank you for your continued support of the show. Please keep tuning in to help us finish this Season 4 with a bang!

I apologize, but I worked on the wrong episode for the past couple of days so I am in a time crunch and will have to keep this short so let's get right to it. . .

I enjoyed meeting Carlton at the candle store and learning more about her. We have seen the crazy part of her but I believe there is much more to her then just that. I am open and respect everyone religious and spiritual choices because at the end of the day, in my opinion, I hope that we are all praying to the same God.

I guess nobody liked my orange jump suit with my sneakers because everyone commented on it -- but comfort is important at this stage of my life. Thank God my husband liked it.

As you can imagine, a peaceful going away party for Gigi was very important to me, but to be honest, I was nervous that there would be a blow up somewhere. I know there was a lot going on between all the woman, but I am grateful to each and every one of them for showing respect and keeping all the drama to a minimum, making this a memorable night for Gigi, her friends, and our family.