The Highs and Lows of Kyle and Kim's Relationship

They may be sisters, but it doesn't mean their relationship comes easy.

Kim Goes Missing

The ladies try to find Kim and wonder if this is like Hawaii all over again.

Kathy Hilton Throws Shade

If you thought Kim and Kyle Richards could dish it out, wait until you see how direct their sister can be.

A Poker Game Gone Awry

During an innocent game of poker, tensions mount between Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards, and Kim Richards begins acting strangely.

Is Brandi Really Kim's Friend?

When Kim Richards begins defending Brandi Glanville to her sister, Kyle drops a bomb about what Brandi's been saying behind her back.

Kyle Needs Lisa R.'s Support

When Kim Richards refuses to believe that Brandi Glanville talked behind her back, there's only one person that can convince her.