Kathryn Edwards Swears by This Exercise for Perfect Arms

Kathryn reveals how she stays in shape. 

It's hard for the other Beverly Hills Housewives to talk about Kathryn Edwards without mentioning her amazing body. They've said she's hard as a rock and her body is like a 20-year-old's, so naturally we wanted to know her fitness secrets. 

"I mix it up, but I swear by lifting," Kathryn told Bravotv.com. "I think that now, at this stage in the game, that women need to lift weights to keep the muscles tight, so I mix that with cardio. Cardio can be running, speed walking, stairs...I would like to get back to yoga, because I think it's important to stretch, but if I have to pick one thing, it's lifting weights."

And while other RHOBH ladies have been seen trying unique workouts, Kathryn doesn't go for anything too trendy. 

"I only go to the [classes] that I know are going to kick my butt and I'm going to get a great workout. I hate wasting time in the gym or at those types of classes. It's like getting a bad massage...it's like, 'Stop!'"

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