Lisa Vanderpump's Favorite Snack Sounds Weird and Kind of Delicious

Brb, heading to the grocery store. 

It's always fascinating to find out what people eat when no else is around. It's particularly interesting when it involves a woman who owns her fair share of restaurants. So what does Lisa Vanderpump turn to when it's time for a little snack? She was more than happy to reveal in this exclusive video.

It all starts out very normally. A little granola, a little fruit (don't you just love the way she pronounces "berries"?), but it's what she tops it with that's suprising: not milk, not yogurt, not a dollop of whipped cream, but chocolate ice cream.

Even vanilla ice cream wouldn't be so terribly strange, but it's the chocolate that mixes things up. As Lisa says, she doesn't put in too much, so "it's still kind of healthy, but it's a little naughty."

So when you get that 3 PM craving and want something that isn't "too well behaved," reach for the fruit, granola and chocolate ice cream...but maybe don't share it with your dog.

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