Which Beverly Hills Housewife Had the Best Barbecue?

It's grilling season again for the ladies of Beverly Hills, and we're not talking about cooking.

In what has become almost tradition, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills threw on their most "casual" daywear to attend another barbecue. This time, Lisa Rinna invited the rest of the ladies over to enjoy husband Harry Hamlin's meat, his grilled steak of course. Erika Girardi was definitely pleased. 

Though, what's a RHOBH barbecue without tension sizzling up? Eden Sassoon pulled Dorit Kemsley aside to discuss Kim Richards' sobriety again and whether she should take it to her sister, Kyle Richards. Though Kyle was pretty over it when confronted and felt it was old news, and that Eden doesn't know the full extent of the situation. 

This isn't the first barbecue in RHOBH's history, and last season viewers were treated to two very different events. Kyle threw a very chic pow-wow with the ladies and invited longtime gal pal Faye Resnick. This didn't sit well with former cast mate Kathyrn Edwards, who confronted Faye at the table about what she felt were lies told about her and her relationship in Resnick's book.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Kathryn Edwards Confronts Faye Resnick
Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly the conversation Kathryn was hoping for.

Erika, meanwhile, made a splash by inviting the ladies over to her poolside picnic event. Though things didn't go so swimmingly when Lisa sat the other ladies down and had to address an issue she was having with Yolanda Foster. Yolanda snapped back at Lisa and accused her of "putting it out in the universe" ill will against her and her family, causing Kyle to comment that the old Yolanda just might be back.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
The Old Yolanda Is Coming Back
Yolanda Foster is not backing down during a confrontation with Lisa Rinna.


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