Dorit Kemsley: I'll Always Tell You How I Feel

Dorit Kemsley reveals she was surprised by what Lisa Rinna had to say on the High Roller.

Hi Lovelies,

We all know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but this week’s episode proved otherwise, as I took the best moments from the trip with me back home to Beverly Hills!

Our stay ended fabulously, but tensions were high on our first night. Of course, I knew Lisa R would be joining us, and although I mentally prepared for her arrival, seeing her face to face for the first time after our explosion in Hong Kong was a bit unsettling. But I wasn’t going to let our history spoil my birthday fun with the women, so I was as cordial with her as I could be before getting things off my chest. Dancing the night away was the best way to distract me from the confrontation.

Playing roulette with Erika and Teddi was oodles of fun. It’s 5 o’clock anytime you say it is, in Sin City, so it only felt right to sip as we stacked chips. I feel as though my relationship with Erika has changed for the better, and this trip has a lot to do with that.

I missed my babies dearly while I was in Vegas, but knowing Jagger and Phoenix are in PK’s loving hands comforted me. Erika and I bonded over our sons, and it was another nice moment.

Before taking the High Roller for a spin, I knew I had to clear things up with Lisa R, because I’m not one to be fake—I’ll always tell you how I feel. When I pulled her aside, I had no intention of rehashing old arguments. I simply wanted to be transparent about why I felt hurt, and I was caught off guard when she responded so well and proposed that we start our friendship anew! Maybe she did experience a rebirth, because that’s the nicest Lisa R I’ve ever experienced, and I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Another Piece of the Erika Girardi Puzzle
Erika says meeting her dad was like meeting a stranger.

We were all feeling playful over drinks on our last night when Erika revealed a shocking piece of information about her father. She’s very brave to open up about such a sensitive subject, and I really felt for her. 

I’m so grateful to Kyle for arranging the trip, and I’m happy Teddi took a chance on our crazy group! 

Until next time,

Dorit xo

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