This Is Exactly What Erika Girardi Eats in a Day

RHOBH pop star Erika Girardi reveals her diet — including the thing she's "not supposed to" eat.

While we may not ever know what Erika Jayne eats in a day — though we suspect it's a steady diet of pink glitter — Erika Girardi is willing to spill the exact details of her daily diet.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pal recently sat down with E! News, and was quick to admit that she has her off days when it comes to diet and fitness. "I've grown up disciplined all my life as a dancer, so I know how to eat and work out. Do I do it? No!" she said. (Oh, we can relate to that!) 

But, that doesn't mean that every day is cheat day for Erika. The singer shared that she sticks to a "sensible diet," and tries to eat particularly clean when she's in prep mode for a show.

Here's a typical meal plan for the "How Many F--ks" singer: 

Erika kicks off her day with egg whites, avocado, and grilled tomatoes. When lunchtime rolls around, she'll ususally help herself to "some kind of chicken." But when the dinner bell rings, all bets are off. "I like to eat," the Beverly Hills beauty said. "I'll eat pasta even though I'm not supposed to." 

Erika also hits the gym regularly, putting in a sweat session three to four days a week. And of course, Erika Jayne's propensity for dance helps keep both ladies' figures in check. 

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