Erika Girardi Just Shared a Naughty Little Diet Secret (And You Need to Visualize It)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pop star has a bod that belies this "bad" craving.

International jet-setting pop star and best-selling author Erika Girardi is always full of surprises, isn't she? Just when we thought the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pal had revealed all of her diet secrets, it turns out there's at least one big — and "bad" thing she left out. 

In a recent interview, CR Fashion Book asked Erika if she would be willing to reveal any of her secrets: "I’m very afraid of the dark. I even have a night light," she said. Hmm, anything else, Erika? Perhaps about food? Ah yes, there it is...

"I also really enjoy fast food — Carl's Jr. or McDonald’s or Burger King," she said. "Bad food. I like to eat a lot."

She added, "I also like to disappear. I like to slip out in the middle of the night and take my Lamborghini and drive it really fast on the highway. There’s a particular one close to my house in Pasadena. I just roll down the windows, and it’s kind of like I just slip into the night."
So now we can't get the truly epic vision of Erika rolling through a drive-through window in the middle of the night in her Lambo. (Perhaps falling in line behind Kim and Khloe Kardashian rolling up to the drive-through in a Rolls Royce?)

Erika's latest diet revelation comes in contrast to her recent remarks to E! News, in which she confessed to a love of pasta, but said she mainly eats a "sensible diet," trying to eat particularly clean when she's prepping for a show.

In fairness, CR Fashion Book's specific question was directed to Erika Jayne — and its entirely possibly that alter egos eat different stuff, right? Especially, we presume, when it all goes down in the middle of the night, in a Lambo, in stealth mode. 

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