Erika Girardi "Survived Costco" — And This Is What's in Her Cart

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pop star is full of surprises.

Erika Girardi recently broke down her ideal diet and fitness regimen of clean eating during the day, but she admitted separately that she likes to get a bit naughty with her diet at night. So we know she has a range — and that makes sense for a woman with an official alter ego.

Still, we were rather surprised to see the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills performer stock up on luscious loaves of bread and fruit jelly-filled danishes during her first afternoon trip to Costco as a new member. 

"We got a Costco membership, so we're shopping," she shared on her Instagram Stories.

"Our cart is mostly filled with carbs — mostly carbs and and razors!"

In a second video, she and her unseen friend (who mans the video and exclaims that they're living that "Costco life") head towards the hot chicken area. Erika admires the specimens.

The third video cuts to them in the car: Erika is clearly exhausted.

"What are you most excited about?" her companion asked.

"The shrimp. The chicken, it's hot, I'm tired."

And that about sums up that post-Costco feeling!

Photos: Erika Girardi (@theprettymess)/Instagram

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