Lisa Rinna Shares an Update Three Days Into Her Cleanse Diet: "I'm in Pain!"

Will The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mom make it 18 more days?

As the Memorial Day holiday weekend wound down and summer got squarely underway, Lisa Rinna shared on social media that she was starting a new diet: Oprah's 21-day cleanse. The media mogul first tried the diet herself about a decade ago, and popularized it; to summarize, it's a 21-day vegan-eating detox that also nixes caffeine, sugar, gluten, and alcohol. 

Well, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mom is just one-seventh of the way into the cleanse... and she's feeling it. On her Instagram Stories, Lisa shared a video clip of herself in the dentist chair with the caption: "When you're on the Oprah 21 day cleanse and basically can't eat or drink a thing the choc toothpaste at the dentist is a real treat." Ouch.

But it turns out that even that tragic "treat" isn't exactly enough to make this program easy.


With the caption, "Day 3 hurts," Lisa shared an update with her followers. She narrated a selfie video update for curious fans: "This Orpah 21-day cleanse is not for the faint of heart. That chocolate toothpaste did not do it... I'm in pain!" 

Photo: Lisa Rinna/Instagram

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