You Have GOT to See Lisa Rinna's Pill-Shaped Chocolate Piñata

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mama got a sweet delivery that's right up her alley. 

Lisa Rinna doesn't really crush up Xanax and put it in her smoothie, but The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pal's got jokes. Playing off her affinity for talking about her, um, little helpers, the Beverly Hills pastry shop Butter Love and Hard Work sent Lisa a chocolate piñata she couldn't refuse. 

By the way, if chocolate piñata sounds familiar, it may be because Kim Kardashian West used the same bakery to make heart-shaped treats when she sent out the Kimoji Hearts fragrance. But the piñata tailor made for Lisa looked more like something that comes from behind the pharmacy counter. Keep scrolling — you have really got to see this. 

First, Lisa took a look at the package and declared on Instagram Stories: "Butter Love and Hard Work, when this comes around, it's really exciting! Guys, I got a big box!" And when she opened the white bakery box, Lisa could only utter in disbelief: "Shut up."

This is the in-tact piñata: 

Photo: @lisarinna/Instagram Stories

"I don't want to break it," Lisa said, but break it she did. "Come on," she said, when she saw the inner contents of the giant capsule. "Chocolate and pills. That is the cutest, most genius [thing]!" 

Photo: @lisarinna/Instagram Stories

This sure beats a smoothie! 

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