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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Unfashionably Late

S8/EP5 | Aired:
January 16, 2018
Kyle laments not being able to share her newfound success with her sisters. Dorit relaunches her swimwear line, but a business meeting inadvertently causes friction with Teddi. After returning home, Erika is shaken when she receives unexpected news. (43:24)
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lights Out!

S8/EP4 | Aired:
January 9, 2018
Lisa Rinna and Erika jet off to Tokyo to support Amelia and Delilah’s latest modeling gig. Dorit agrees to model for Lisa Vanderpump’s magazine. When the power goes out at Kyle’s dinner party, the darkness brings out the worst in one housewife. (43:24)
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Bad Guys

S8/EP3 | Aired:
January 2, 2018
Erika is forced to revisit her past. Lisa Vanderpump helps PK throw a birthday dinner for Dorit – and the unlikeliest of guests gives a speech. Teddi starts to question Dorit's character. Kyle vacations with her family in Croatia. (43:24)
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Diva Las Vegas

S8/EP2 | Aired:
December 26, 2017
Lisa Vanderpump takes Erika to task for not responding whenever she reaches out. Kyle and Dorit take issue with Lisa Rinna and confront her atop the High Roller. Teddi feels iced out in her attempts to get to know Erika. (43:24)
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Wine

S8/EP1 | Aired:
December 19, 2017
Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump charter a jet to take the ladies to Las Vegas. Dorit's new friend Teddi hits it off with Lisa Vanderpump and they invite her along for the ride. Lisa Vanderpump begins to see her friendship with Erika in a different light. (00:00)

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