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    • Please Welcome Erika Jayne!
    • S6/EP11 | Aired:
      February 9, 2016
      Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump take a cold plunge and try cryotherapy with Yolanda. Erika invites the ladies to see her wild alter ego perform in an over-the-top gay club in San Diego. Lisa Rinna goes on a mission to find out who said what to Yolanda. (43:24)
    • Backwards in Heels
    • S6/EP10 | Aired:
      February 2, 2016
      Kyle and Lisa V plan their burlesque-themed joint anniversary party, but Lisa isn't happy when she finds out Faye Resnick is on Kyle’s guest list. Still feeling guilty about bringing up Munchhausen's disease, Lisa Rinna decides to tell Yolanda. (43:24)
    • Busted BBQ
    • S6/EP9 | Aired:
      January 26, 2016
      Lisa Vanderpump looks at a space that Ken wants for a new restaurant, and it turns out to be a sex shop! Eileen flies to Italy to spread her sister's ashes. Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump question Yolanda's claim that her children have Lyme disease (43:24)
    • Going Deep
    • S6/EP8 | Aired:
      January 19, 2016
      Kyle holds a book signing at her new Hamptons pop up shop for Bethenny Frankel. Erika uses her private plane to pick up Yolanda. Lisa Vanderpump hosts a charity event where Lisa Rinna runs into an old friend with an intriguing past. (43:24)
    • Pretty Mess
    • S6/EP7 | Aired:
      January 12, 2016
      In the Hampton, Eileen is still upset about being interrogated by Lisa Vanderpump about her "affair" with Vince. The women get a taste of Erika's alter ego when Kyle's good friend Bethenny Frankel invites everyone to dinner. (43:24)

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