Here's a Sure-Fire Way to Tell If Someone's From Dallas

Some of the stereotypes are true.

The Real Housewives of Dallas are a jet-setting bunch. Like many cosmopolitan people of means, they’re ready to travel — in high style, naturally — at the drop of a (cowboy) hat. But are those tropes about Texans really true? You know, the notions that that they’re all about cowboy boots and big hair, making them stand out no matter where they are in the world? Yes and no, according to the ladies.

We asked the ‘Wives of RHOD if — or how — they’d be able to spot someone from Dallas if they were traveling abroad.

Stephanie Hollman says some of the wardrobe stereotypes are right on, and that can make Dallas folks easy to spot. 

“They would probably be wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt or hat or be looking for a sports bar to catch the game,” she says. “People in Dallas love football and Travis and I always meet people when we travel in random sports bars to watch the Cowboys play.”

Cary Deuber says there’s another way to identify a Dallas lady from afar. “The women are usually dressed to the nines,” she says. And the show certainly bears out that notion!

Beyond just dressy, Cary says, Dallas ladies are also fans of the matchy-matchy. “They have their shoes that match their bag that match their jewelry!”

As for the men, well, they’re a bit more casual than man in any other global cities. “The men are usually in untucked button-down shirts and jeans,” she says. “It’s the opposite of what you find in a lot of other cities, especially abroad, where the men are usually very dressed up and the women dress quite casually.”

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