Science and Real Housewives Agree: Travel is Healthy for Relationships!

Time to book some tickets with your honey.

Not only are romantic trips for two a lot of fun, but relationship experts and therapists say they're actually an important part of building a strong relationship. Yes, science demonstrates it's healthy for a partnership when couples travel together.

"Couples bond over shared experiences — the good, the bad and the ugly can all serve to reinforce and enhance the physical and emotional bonds that exist in the relationship," explains therapist Jeanie Winstrom. "Traveling together creates shared memories, and positive memories are a great connection and bond between partners."

According to Winstrom, a couples therapist with 16 years of experience, everything from awful or missed flights to shared positive experiences can help build permanent bonds and strengthen relationships. Seems like a great excuse to book a vacation, right?

"It can be amazing for couples to travel together. Traveling can take them out of the day-to-day stress of life and into a new environment. I have seen couples discover and rediscover amazing connections and have breakthroughs that they did not have or could not have at home," she says. "Couples can connect over common experiences while traveling — the cancelled flight seems much more tolerable somehow when you have your partner with you to endure the delay together."

It's not just memories, though: There's a physiological response to traveling as a couple that happens that can actually enhance your love life, too. "In terms of brain chemicals, the positive experiences that are shared during travel can trigger a rise in dopamine, serotonin, endorphin levels and oxytocin." According to some recent research, travel is pretty good for your body's immune system, too.

Marie Reyes, of The Real Housewives of Dallas, couldn't agree more, and shared her feelings with Jet Set exclusively: "Nothing brings my husband and I more intimacy than when we travel."

And with all those happy brain chemicals bouncing around and research showing how healthy traveling is for woman in particular, it's no surprise she loves traveling more than anything else.

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"The absolute best times we spend as a family are always while we’re traveling," she says. "We’re literally at our best when we’re traipsing across time zones traveling as a family!"

Now what are we all waiting for? Time to book that couples trip — doctors' orders.

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