Stephanie Hollman Had the Most Relatable Parent Moment in Her Dallas Mansion

The Real Housewives of Dallas mom is all of us when it comes to keeping things clean.

Stephanie Hollman may have a totally aspirational new home in Texas, but what happens inside of it is actually totally relatable to every parent out there. The Real Housewives of Dallas mom posted a picture of the couches in her spacious living room, which happen to sit atop a covered swimming pool (to give you an idea of the opulence of the house). Her sons are casually hanging out in the image amidst a huge mess that they caused by the aftermath of building forts.

"Goodbye clean house," Stephanie lamented on her Instagram Stories.

Don't worry, Stephanie, the clean house is under there. . . somewhere!


We're guessing that "fort night" happens pretty often around here. 

Photo: Stephanie Hollman/Instagram

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