Stephanie Hollman Gets Real About the Downsides of Childbirth: "I Did Not Like Being Pregnant"

The RHOD pal loves being a mom — but being pregnant is another story. 

Stephanie Hollman might not be quite as frank as Jessica Simpson (could anyone ever be as candid as Jessica?) when talking about pregnancy, but The Real Housewives of Dallas pal certainly doesn't mince any words about the experience. When speaking to People for its "Celeb Parents Get Real" series, the mom of two (Cruz, age 7, and Chance, age 9)  got real indeed about some of the downsides of giving birth. 

"I did not like being pregnant," Stephanie admitted. "But with [my younger son] Cruz, my water broke and then contractions were, like, really fast; and I was 9 centimeters dilated before I got an epidural. So I was cursing, and it was like I was possessed by the pregnancy demon. It was horrible." 

Then again, Stephanie is the first to admit that there are very real perks to being pregnant. When asked what pieces of advice she wishes she could share with pregnant women, Stephanie said, "Take advantage of people offering to let you cut them in the bathroom line, because people are so nice to you when you're pregnant." She also added, “I never really enjoyed pregnancy [but] I wish I would’ve stepped back and just taken it in and realized that it’s such a miracle to be pregnant."

That's some sage advice!

Credit: Stephanie Hollman/Instagram

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