Cary Deuber: I Want to Make the Most of All of My Opportunities

"I reflect also on my relationship with these girls, they really are all so special to me."

Welcome back friends!

I can’t believe another week has come and gone already. As I’m writing this, I’ve been in the midst of a complete whirlwind. Mark and I recently rearranged our schedules this week to make it to Paris for Fashion Week 2018.

It’s such an amazing city, you can’t help but feel love, happiness and optimism in the air!

As I find myself in my hotel for a quick break after so many shows, cocktails, dinners and showroom appointments, I can’t help but reflect on life and what matters most.

Family and friends.

This week’s episode has us back still living in my parents’ house while our renovations are ongoing. I see how happy our little family is. Zuri is so bright eyed and happy because she is in the midst of so much love, Mark and I for each other and both of us for her! It really is so amazing. Being in my parents’ house makes me reflect a lot on my childhood. I didn’t even see how being back in their house would stir up memories and hopefully give me a path to find that deepest connection with my Mom and Dad that I know Zuri has with us. Looking at the picture books makes me want to find a way.

I reflect also on my relationship with these girls, they really are all so special to me. As I look out my window right now with the streets of Paris coming alive again, I want to make the most of all of my opportunities (it’s something I’ve always lived by). I really want to make things work and continue to grow in a positive direction with each of these ladies. As different as they all are, I want to be able to call them my friends. 

And damn, that Zuri is such a flirt, I think we’re in trouble...

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