Alex McCord DC

Alex gives us her take on the past three episodes (and wants to go drinking with Cat).

on Oct 13, 2010

Lynda, her homes, her astrologer and her dogs all amuse me. She's fun, and not above giving photos to security of people she doesn't want at her parties –- though it's better if they actually look at them! I will say that Paul was spot on in his gentle chiding of Lynda this week. It takes a very, very strong woman to be willing to walk away from a lifestyle she can't sustain for herself. I know a few women who have, and they've been the better for it, but I have to agree with Paul that Michaele had a great chance and didn't take it.

Hopefully Mary will no longer need a biometric lock on her closet, as Lolly and Kona have their own place! Here's hoping that having separate homes reduces angst and growing pains, and that Rich designs a line of trousers. Hopefully that happy family stays happy, busy, and as in love with life as they seem to be.

Cat's situation breaks my heart a little. She's brash and outspoken, but not abusive or a bully and seems like she'd be a great drinking buddy. It's so upsetting to see a marriage break down as hers clearly has. I found myself searching for more on her, and was happy to find the video of Cat sending her father off to the White House Christmas party -- that was very sweet. Some people yammer on about how all you need is love, but when a relationship ends, it's the courage to love yourself that will carry you through to the next chapter.

Knowing what we know now, I tend to think the reunion episodes will be exciting –- who wants to see how Andy seats the ladies? Until then, catch me on twitter @mccordalex. Enjoy the long weekend!