Breaking the Man Rules


Lynda thinks Tareq threw a "late night punch" at Mary and her family.



Once again, thank you for letting me into your lives and for all the love and support you have given me. Episode 5 has been my favorite so far. I think many of you will agree that each episode shines new light, and I trust that by the end of the series you will have a better understanding of who each of us are. I appreciate your comments so please keep them coming. Oh, and by the way, I haven't perfected it yet, but I am enjoying Tweeting as THERealLyndaDC.  

Breaking the Man Rules

Once again, Teflon Tareq pulls a late night punch, and this time it's directed at Mary and her family. REALLY?!! Did y'all know that the accusations Tareq was referring to had happened two years earlier? If he was so concerned when he saw Lolly's Facebook posting, why didn't he contact Mary and Rich to discuss it immediately? Why wait two years, host a dinner party and then bring it up as dinner conversation with others present? As Rich clearly states, Tareq definitely broke all the man rules. What kind of host does that?! Maybe someone who has had too much wine to drink??! It was a good thing that Stacie and Jason were present to support Mary, and as parents themselves, they were visibly shaken by the serious accusations being made. My heart went out to the Amons family. Lolly's comments about Tareq were spot on and I think Mary and Rich handled it like proper parents would.  They talked it out with Lolly, checked with authorities, and did a full investigation to make sure that it was not true. I think that we are all in agreement, he is a wack job!

Fairy Tales Do Come True... It Can Happen To You!

Depicted by Michaele in her fictional fairy tale as the Wicked Stepmother of the bunch, I laughed when Michaele likened herself to Cinderella, and my beloved other housewives, the Ugly Stepsisters! That's hilarious! When Michaele was out to lunch with her assistant Jen and talking about Lolly, she said, "That's the power of Facebook, so be careful. If you are out there doing crazy things, it's going to come back." Yes, Michaele, you know that all too well!

Cat and The Republican Party

Well we all know where Cat stands when it comes to the Republican party in our country! I believe that Cat has made the exception when it comes to me, because when we talk politics, our positions are basically the same as to what we would like to see changed in America... health-care... education... and this is just the beginning. Being a Republican, I was feeling frustrated by my party's lack of leadership. When Presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain added Sarah Palin to the ticket, I praised him for thinking outside the box and choosing a woman, however, I didn't feel she was qualified to be Vice President let alone THE President if something should happen to him. Obama's platform of change and hope led me to vote for a Democratic president for the first time in my life.  

I loved the scene with Cat and her children in her closet trying to find something inappropriate to wear to Edwina Rogers's fundraiser for health-care reform. The fact that she showed up as Sarah Palin made me LOL and wish that I had actually been there to have witnessed that moment! So, okay guys, has Cat earned her "get out of jail free" card yet, cause I know y'all have expressed some pretty strong opinions about my dear friend. As I said from the beginning, you'll either love her or hate her. So what's the consensus now?? I'd love to hear your comments on this.  

Dinner with The Turners

Ebong and I have really enjoyed getting to know the Turners. I'd like to elaborate on the conversations that we were having during dinner with them at the Madison Hotel. Having just learned that her biological father was of Nigerian descent, Stacie wanted to talk to Ebong about their common ancestry. She knew the tribe and was inquiring about how difficult it might be to find him. I could feel her pain and disappointment about her birth mother's unwillingness to share the name of her biological father with her. My first instinct was that this could have been a tragic love story. I was trying to open her heart to what her mother may have been experiencing at the time. Because of racism, because of ignorance, I think her mother was forced to make a decision that has probably haunted her throughout her life. It literally brought tears to my eyes when I heard Stacie referring to herself as "the secret." I empathize with Stacie and think that she has the right to know who her father is. When you heard me referencing reverse racism, I was referring to my own personal experiences growing up in the South, and later as a backup singer for Candi Staton. Her band and her fans were predominantly black and when we traveled people treated me differently because of the color of my skin. Hopefully in today's world we have evolved to a place where we treat each other equally, as we are all God's people. I hope that Stacie's birth mom can set aside her fears and give Stacie the information she needs to bring closure to this painful journey.  

Moving to Virginia... Family Matters

Let me start by saying that Georgetown is my favorite place in DC. I located my office there over 26 years ago and aspired to live there one day. I was truly blessed to have lived the last five years in a beautiful environment overlooking the Potomac River with a picturesque view of DC's memorials and monuments. Unfortunately, apartment living wasn't conducive to our family lifestyle. When I began looking at properties (keep in mind, I'm a real estate junkie... I love real estate and have maintained a strong presence in the art of "that" game), everything in DC was so overpriced. People were listing their homes as though it was still a sellers market. For me, I knew better. It all made $$s and sense for me to return to a place that was familiar and yet a good investment for the future. I call this home my 5-year plan, although my friend and real estate consultant, Jackie Weldon, just giggles and says, "Yeah right, I have a feeling you'll have your grandchildren coming and going here for many years to come." Having just met Stacie and being very impressed by her knowledge of the real estate market, I wanted to get a second opinion. I appreciate the time she spent assuring me that McLean was still a great place to buy. I know she's not a big fan of Virginia, but different strokes for different folks.

And in closing, I leave you with this beautiful poem...


I doubt no more God's power to heal,

For every day His love reveals

Some greater strength that rests in me.

When others ask, "How can it be

That you are changed- not as before?"

My answer is - "I doubt no more."

- Isabel M. Thompson

Peace & Blessings,



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Wine Woes

Ebong discusses the infamous wine throwing incident.

Thanks again everyone for watching the first season of The Real Housewives of D.C. It's been an amazing experience in so many ways. The show was a great opportunity because although Washington, D.C. is the most powerful city in the world, it's not just known for politics. Washington, D.C. is also known for its philanthropic events combined with large social components. The show also focused on people from different backgrounds/experiences and their interactions with one another.

I am still amazed at the people who recognize us. We are so humbled by this and hope we've helped to show the positive qualities of the Washington, D.C. area.

In last week's episode and blog post, I briefly addressed the unfortunate incident between Lynda and Tareq.  I wanted to wait until everyone (as in the cast and audience) saw the final cut of the reunion show before going into this mess.  

As part of the promotional tour for the premiere of The Real Housewives of D.C. in late July 2010, the cast (women and for some strange reason Tareq) went to Los Angeles for a press junket. The press tour was over several days ending with a group dinner at Trader Vic's in Beverly Hills. As Lynda explained, towards the end of dinner Tareq was screaming and being verbally abusive to women. Lynda had asked Tareq settle down as they all have had an enjoyable evening, and it would be better for everyone to calm down. Tareq cursed at Lynda by saying "Shut the EFF up." Lynda replied in kind by saying, "You shut the EFF up," after which Tareq threw a glass of red wine in Lynda's face. Bear in mind that this exchange was witnessed by many people including press who were at an adjacent table. A few of the press members were also doused by the wine that had been thrown at Lynda.  

I pause because I want you to picture this exchange and experience. Men, imagine if your girlfriend was cursed at by the same miscreant who then threw a glass of wine in her face! Regardless of the reason, that behavior is not acceptable. Even wild animals show more decency to one another. Many of you would have violently escalated your response to your woman being attacked. I would have acted similarly had I been there! Either way, it wouldn't have been a pretty picture.

On the reunion show, my comments were truncated as my anger was a lot more verbally manifested than was shown. Many would agree that I tend to be more reserved at times and the fact that I said, "I would have put him to sleep had I been there," only further expresses the rage I felt.

During that exchange, I mentioned his behavior was reprehensible and unacceptable, and I don't care if he had consumed copious amounts of cabernet, merlot, or crack! I don’t care what you're drinking, you never lay hands on a woman, nor throw ANYTHING at a woman. It shows a lot about the character of a man who feels that getting drunk absolves you from common social decency. As many of you noticed, even after this was discussed, Tareq and his wife still felt it necessary to give conditions for the apology. One event had nothing to do with the other, yet "The Spin Doctors" (not the band) found a way to link two unrelated events together.  

Their use of spin, double speak, and rhetoric could rival the most seasoned politician. In other words, the Salahis answer questions with non-sequiturs and other unrelated examples. I learned at a young age that bad behavior is not absolved or defended by worse behavior. We all have a responsibility to be accountable for our actions, words, and behaviors, regardless of who you are, what disease you have, or what you may have "allegedly" done.  

There are some who may disagree with my thoughts about the Salahis. That's okay, we don't have to agree on everything or anything. One of my goals in life is not to convince people of my views or opinions, but just to share them.

The Merriam-Webster's definition of delusion is as follows:

"A persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary; also: the abnormal state marked by such beliefs."

You don't have to be a genius to understand that definition. I'm certainly smart enough to know that I have no interest in being a part of that world.  

Now that this season is completed, I'll take the first rocket ship back to Earth please! Who's coming with me?

Thank you again for watching, following, and witnessing the experiences in our lives.  We've learned a lot about people we've met and each other. I've built new friendships and professional relationships during this process. I'm trying to learn and grow just like many of you. I also look forward to hearing more from you all with your questions, comments, and thoughts!

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