Call It Like You See It

Stacie talks about the rollercoaster press tour, Cat's "uncouth" dinner party comments, and more.


Wow! This train is finally leaving the station! First stop – yesterday at The Today Show, which I wake up and watch EVERY morning. I could not believe that I was standing on the plaza taking a photo with Matt, Al and Lenny! Then I was on the set with The View ladies, Sherri, Joy, Whoopi, Elizabeth, who are hilarious and smart and oh-so juicy. Can you imagine my surprise when I was escorted to a dressing room with my name on it – WHAT? CRAZY!

As you can see, all of this new Hollywood stuff is a trip and I cannot even act cool and unaffected by it. I am having a ball…and genuinely enjoying the company of my cast mates, despite the antics of one-fifth.

By now you have seen episode one, and probably think that I am not a fan of Cat. Well, she was an outspoken, uncouth first-time dinner guest in my home who made negative comments about two people for whom I have a tremendous amount of respect (i.e. my President and Tyra Banks, a successful businesswoman). I've been bombarded with questions about Cat and her motivation. Is she racist? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The two people mentioned just happen to be black. But self-absorbed? I thought so. Opinionated to the point of irritation? MOST DEFINITELY!

I'm finding greater virtue these days in those who call it like they see it. I am certainly a fan of THAT. So stay tuned...


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