Catherine Ommanney

Catherine Ommanney is trying to improve, while still keeping true to herself.

on Oct 1, 2010

"In Washington D.C. you got to watch what you say, and watch what you do." Oh really??? I got that part majorly wrong then!! Whoops.

I’m not really someone who edits myself and yes we "all" agree I do sometimes need to. This whole experience has taught me many things about myself, the way I can come across unintentionally, and the way people perceive me. I am pretty misunderstood, and I am always learning in the hope of improving whilst keeping true to myself. (I definitely laugh masses when no one else is so it must just be me!)

“If you cant take it, don’t dish it” True. I agree. The difference is that other than the Salahis (and their sidekicks) I have not intentionally been rude to anyone over the past seven episodes. I really haven’t. I tease people, Mary over the Lolly issue etc. but we (cast) all know it’s in jest and in no way malicious. The fact that I’ve appeared to be, is what it is, and since I genuinely really adore all my other fellow cast members, even when we clash on opinions, I would never set out to try to upset them. Honesty over bitchiness any day. Even with Edwina (Republican lobbyist) we actually got on very well and shared many laughs. It’s good to debate! I saw her again for dinner too, and even though we are very different I found her good company and a good sport!

Lunch scene with Lynda and Mary: I am ALWAYS eating. Have you noticed? Any scene where there is food I’m all over it.


I truly believed and still do to this day, that if the Salahis were honest people they would have better karma with their business affairs. Better luck. More friends and be respected. Dream on?...


So when I talk about their "winery," and I’m asking the ladies, “Why weren’t they straight up and say that they are in trouble?” I meant it when I said we could have all supported their efforts to "rebuild" rather than to "rebullshit." I was still deeply confused by them and their "extraordinary" spin on everything?

Great fun fashion show and "naughty lovely Paul" was making me giggle the entire show across the room (especially when he managed to get himself a sneaky cosmo and dab it like perfume on his neck). David Catania (who I adore too) who was sitting next to him, was close to wetting himself with Paul as always, hugely entertaining charades that night and very red cheeked!! It was a beautiful event.

I was always incredibly proud of Charles and his work, hence that scene with giving that award-winning picture to Mr. President. It’s a great shame that it was never to materialize -- stay tuned. Hope that is the last time I have to see us together -- now we are on the home stretch with the finale episode next week.