Catherine Ommanney

Cat talks about her falling out with Charles and explains her comments about the Salahis.

on Oct 8, 2010

Where was I when the news broke? In Miami for what was supposed to be a nice "family" weekend. It was a total disaster. We had calls at 8 am before we left from WH asking who the hell Barbie and Plumpy Ken were (wearing, as always, an I'll fitting suit). Great start to our Thanksgiving but then nothing on what the WH and SS were suffering five hundred fold to us. So weekend ruined. Charles' super sized, petulant, spoiled brat behavior throughout Thanksgiving, sadly involving the girls, resulted in "Nightmare on South Beach."  

So I'm cutting and peeling potatoes whilst he sits drowning his sorrows. And so much for that "shopping at Sak's all day" comment? LOL! In two years the only item I brought from there was the leather jacket I'm wearing in the final scene. I usually shop at consignment shops. I'm not a big spender, plus I LOVE vintage clothes. My wedding dress (for the registry) cost $30! I was just end of the line with everything, including my husband. The end of the road. No support, just criticism. Still can't get over how under pressure I looked! So unhappy. Weight of the world on my Goodbye Charles. It wasn't just the knives that weren't cutting it for me. As Lynda said, high time to press delete.

I watched the Salami's on their way to The White House and realized that Tareq was absolutely wetting himself! Maybe even supporting a grown man's incontinence pad underneath those tight pants. Truly. He was so nervous. Why? They didn't even get the time to crash right! " We could have got Stacie and Jason an invitation too." What are you on? How many spares where there, and which email address did they come from? BTW the real invitations where exquisite.

"Filthy." How many times did I say that in the final episode? Jeeeeez. When looking at the thesaurus I could have used any other great words, but then thats just plain bitchy. Thus I just stuck with "plastic not fantastic." For all of you who think Im nasty and full of hate for them, I'm not, but bare in mind being around them is very toxic (hence my remarks). I'm very protective over my friends and family to whom they caused much damage, so it was impossible to hold my tongue. So many people suffered as a result of their actions.