Catherine Ommanney

Cat talks about her falling out with Charles and explains her comments about the Salahis.

on Oct 8, 2010

I actually went to The Turners to support Stacie after she asked me to, and I genuinely didn't want to see them. They had affected my life too much already. It was 1:30 am when Mr. and Mrs. State Dinner arrived. I wish I'd been more eloquent and articulate. It had been a 17 hour day, and I struggled to get the words from my brain out of my mouth -- yes I know -- impossible to believe, but its true.

Jason. I'm really happy you didn't apologize for the "rude" -- my mistake, "very rude" as you said -- Brit because you are right, I'm a grown woman and, I meant every word I said. TAKE IT! Their decision to do what they did left me virtually numb. 

"Can I have a top up of my wine" seemed to come easier though!

"I haven't been exposed to people like her, who dress up as Sarah Palin," blah blah blah. Really? Come on, that was a joke! Even Edwina thought it was fun, and it was her party! You should get out more (if you aren't attending the events of the most influential and prominent people in the world that is).

One minute you say that you were so excited that night when you got home and posted your infamous pics, you couldn't sleep. And then you say that you had "a turn" and were hospitalized? Where is the truth?

"Thanks for a wonderful evening! Never a dull moment in DC!"

Bring on the reunion and all those unanswered questions?

Thanks again for all your comments good and bad. I read every single one and listen to every word you say. I'm learning all the time.

Bless my girls and their hair elastics I always wear! Yellow isn't my color is it?