DC Guys

Ebong Eka tells us why his relationship with Lynda is so strong. 

Oct 15, 2010

We are happy and want to continue to stay true to ourselves, our family, our friends and those who watch the show. I'm sure I can speak for Lynda when I say, "We continue to remain humbled by this experience as it been truly surreal." With us, what you see is what you get!

As many of you know, Lynda and I are together and have been for over a year and a half. More importantly we have an amazingly loving relationship that's built on love, communication, and mutual respect. As a result of that foundation, we've never really noticed or even considered the various physical differences that many may immediately think of. We've never really thought about these differences because we believe, "Love is the Answer." Before filming for the season started, we always made sure we were on the same page. As a result we became a much stronger couple and a closer family as the season progressed. 

The Reunion Show

The Reunion Show was also an interesting experience, and I appreciated inclusion in the process. The men were in a separate green room where we watched part of the show. Like many of you, I was surprised at some of what was coming out of the show. More specifically, the delusional reality of the Salahis.

What people do on their own time is their own business, but when your behavior crosses the line, it becomes a much bigger problem. When your behavior becomes physical and threatening, it becomes an even bigger problem. As a CPA, I thoroughly understand bankruptcies and difficult economic times, but before the "Wine" incident with Lynda, I never had a direct problem with the Salahis. I'll explain the "wine" incident with Lynda in my next post -– so stay tuned. However, after the incident, I had a HUGE problem with Tareq Salahi. Tareq's actions were reprehensible, indicative of a pattern of poor behavior and disturbing lack of judgment. More importantly, his behavior violated Rich Amons' Man Rules. 

The Salahis believe that people will accept their delusional reality "Lock, Stock and Barrel" but in this case Salahi's barrel has no more wine and credibility is running on empty.